Furniture Restoration in Riga


Experience since 1991

Our operating guidelines

  • Antique Furniture Restoration
  • Modern Wooden Furniture Repair
  • Painting Frame Restoration
  • Antique Furniture Upholstery

  • All types of upholstery repair
  • Fabric reupholstering
  • Furniture condition assessment, consultation
  • Odor elimination in furniture with ozone
  • High-resolution photography of furniture with quality


The main and only focus of SIA "Mēbeļu restaurators" for the past four decades has been antique furniture restoration. Our craftsmen offer experience and highly professional skills, allowing us to proudly state that we can restore almost any wooden product.


With many years of experience, we have encountered various challenges, restoring items ranging from 18th-century chests to grand concert grand pianos and luxurious entrance doors of central mansions. We are especially proud that the doors of our workshop are open to everyone, whether they want to restore precious rococo furniture or rejuvenate simple country benches.


Although we are a small workshop, we pay special attention to each piece of furniture and each client. Our philosophy is based on care, a detailed approach, and love for every restoration project.


Our achievements have been recognized not only by individuals but also by museums, government institutions, theaters, foreign embassies, and art collectors. The restored furniture has served world leaders at the highest level, including U.S. President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


In today's world, where most companies strive to produce items that last no longer than ten years, preferably with only a two-year warranty, it may be worth remembering items created for generations. Sometimes, a chair found in a rural grandma's attic just needs to be cleaned, glued, and have its fabric replaced to serve for several more generations.


We invite you to explore our work by visiting our workshop or contacting us. We are here to restore and make your furniture a valuable legacy that continues to tell its history and serve future generations.


Director of SIA "Mēbeļu restaurators" - Juris Kraulis