Furniture Restoration and Repair

Rococo Sofa France 18th century, restored


  • Consultations via email, phone, and on-site at the workshop are free of charge.
  • We also provide consultation on the value and age of furniture.
  • Preparation of restoration passports



  • Removal of previous finishes - both mechanically and chemically (varnish, paint removers, alkalis, possible bleaching)

  • Disinfection and reinforcement of areas infested by pests

  • Restoration and reinforcement of connections

  • Prevention of gaps and warping

  • Correction of veneer defects and re-veneering

  • Restoration of inlay

  • Manufacturing of woodcuts and turnings

  • Elimination of finish defects

  • Finish with shellac, waxing, oiling with natural oils, toning, staining

  • Polishing with shellac polish

  • In the restoration of antique furniture, we use practically only authentic materials (unlike other restoration workshops). Sometimes, for surfaces that may come into contact with moisture (dining tables), we recommend priming with shellac, but the topcoat with synthetic - more moisture-resistant lacquer (this makes it easier to remove the finish in the next restoration).

  • Piano polishing

  • High-quality modern wooden furniture repair

  • Antique furniture key filing, key mechanism repair

  • Odor elimination in furniture with ozone


  • Reconstruction of upholstery parts of antique furniture

  • Spring tightening Upholstery with sea grass (also horsehair, lime bows) Complex upholstery of high complexity We work with all types of upholstery fabrics

  • Leather furniture repair - extensive experience in reupholstering furniture with natural leather

  • Modern upholstery repair - upholstering, changing springs, offering furniture fabrics

  • We also reupholster medical equipment - dentist chairs, massage tables. 



  • Gilding of furniture, painting frames and mirrors, as well as other objects.

  • Restoration of decorative frames.

  • We restore missing shapes and ornament fragments.

  • We perform gilding work with gold leaf or its imitation.

  • Gilding is done using traditional methods - oil gilding or gilding on poliment.

  • We restore the damaged layers of levkas and poliment.


  • We perform the restoration of historical cane weaving with high-quality rattan strands.

  • Replacement of modern ready-made cane weaving


  • High-resolution quality photography of furniture
  • Photo documentation during the restoration process