Perhaps my antique furniture can be converted with modern technology and materials - surely it is cheaper?

Regarding furniture upholstered with laced springs and seagrass, I would not recommend it, because:


1. Longevity: A quality upholstery construction, when following old methods correctly and using appropriate materials, will last at least 20 to 40 years. (I have had the opportunity to only replace the fabric on furniture that was upholstered more than 100 years ago). On the other hand, the cheapest (most commonly used) foam rubber starts to lose its properties after only 3 years. Also, coconut fiber sheets, as the polymer that binds the fibers disintegrates, no longer fulfill their purpose.


2. Structural strength: The tightly stretched bottom straps are further tightened with laced springs. Many antique chairs and sofas do not have bottom stretchers and only this type of construction can provide the necessary strength.


3. Value: An antique piece has both historical and aesthetic value, and of course, value that can be expressed in monetary terms. An authentically restored piece of furniture will definitely be much more valuable.


4. Only natural materials: Linen or jute sackcloth, linen-hemp or sisal rope, seagrass, linden bast, horsehair.


Juris Kraulis